These are the rules. Violating these will result in a warning or a ban, depending on the rule.


Don't flame!

Please do not flame. The act of flaming is being rude and bullying another user. Please try to be kind to others.

Don't spam!

Please do not spam. To spam, you have to make a massive amount of pointless pages and comments.

Don't sockpuppet!

Please do not sockpuppet. If you're sockpuppeting, you make another account to get out of a ban.

Don't swear!

Please do not use curse words. This is a family site.

Don't vandalize!

If you're going to edit someone else's work, ask them!

Do not make suggestive content!

This is still a family site.

Don't discriminate!

This is the biggest rule of all. Do not discriminate others. It doesn't matter what gender, sexuality, race or religion they are. You will not discriminate.

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