Answers to questions for concerned parents!


What is Squeak Spot?

Glad you asked! You see, Squeak Spot is a creative writing site for children of young ages. It's an environment where they will be safe but respected.

What kinds of things do you write on Squeak Spot?

Original stories! These stories can come in multiple forms, such as a fictional story, script, or game.

What are the benefits of Squeak Spot?

There are plenty of benefits! Your child's grammar and writing skills may improve. It will also help them with formatting, design, and social interactions.

I'm confused on how to make an account.

I'll help! Contact me, User:Randomfrog, and I'll help you set up an account. Just tell me what you want your child's username and password to be and I'll set up an account. Keep in mind that this info is not shown to anyone.

Is your wiki safe?

Yes! Our wiki is a public wiki that is moderated by trustworthy folks. Anyone can join this wiki, that is true. However, our site moderators will take care of shady or suspicious folks.

Why was my child's article deleted?

It was probably spam, hate, or an article that wasn't up to standard at all. Don't worry, though. If your child's article has been deleted, the moderators will teach them how to properly write an article here.

Why was my child banned?

They broke the rules. Don't worry, they'll be back soon. We're very forgiving!

Someone is being rude to my child.

Who? Contact an admin and we'll help you.

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